Courtney Mullin. I’m the founder of SAFE4Kids and the mother of two children with food allergies. While looking for nursery schools and recreational facilities, I was so disappointed to find the lack of knowledge and training on food allergies. As a Television Producer with over 15 years experience I quickly realized that a visual and engaging informational video and training program was much needed. It’s an issue that I’m passionate about; my children’s lives depend on people being educated. I worked with a health educator, Kerry Mullin Walsh who worked tirelessly on the writing and perfecting the content with a top allergist from Mount Sinai hospital. I produced a one of a kind educational video with the help of Jonathan Partridge on food allergies. Kerry and I started an organization Safe4kids that will help train all those who are entrusted in the care of children as well as provide resources for families on food allergy friendly environments.

Kerry Walsh is co-founder of safe4kids and the aunt of three children with food allergies. As a health educator and prevention specialist with over 20 years experience, she recognized the need to educate all that are entrusted in the care of children on this potentially fatal disease.



Georgina Cornago Cipriano is a presenter and the outreach coordinator.  Has been a food allergy advocate for the past five years. After losing her son to a anaphlactic reaction, she has dedicated her time to making sure that all childcare providers are trained on how to react to food allergy emergenices.

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